Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Well today comes with mixed feelings..... I secured the condo over the weekend.... after 2 days of thinking about it - they decided to work with me on the security deposit and my room mate and i move in over this coming weekend - so it will be pretty cool - i will figure out how to post some photos of the joint after I move in and get settled so you can see the new pimp pad :D

Today is also the day of my interview...... I have been prepping for it - trying to get thoughts in order, but it never fails I get in front of a interviewer and freeze up..... So everyone say a little prayer, sacrifice a virgin, arrange an offering to the gods - what ever it is you choose to do..... any and all help will be appreciated.

I will post something after the interview..... WEEEEE!~


  1. I have everything crossed, prayers said but I have no virgins to sacrifice. I'm sorry.. :) You'll do great, I'm positive!