Saturday, October 2, 2010


Fremont was so amazingly white trash last night - biker mommas as far as the eye could see..... guys walking around in tour shirts for bands that haven't toured in 10 years, and i am guessing the shirts fit a little better when they bought them..... but eh - such is life..... it was a weird combination of humanity - the average fremont fair - tourists, hookers, random performers - add to that 1000's of bikers - made an amazing smoothie of humanity lol....

Sorry about BYU last night - figured that with 6 wives they would have played a little better - but eh.... utah state rocked from buzzer to buzzer and i think by years end they might find a bowl game :)

The diet is still going, ate a little extra this morning so hopefully i don't lurch like i did yesterday, ran out of energy - so i am thinking today will go far better - i guess this is all a adjustment - body is used to running on sugar and caffiene and i am feeding it fruits and veggies lol.....

oh well - time to start looking for clothes to go to work in - talk to you guys later :)


Friday, October 1, 2010

Another new adventure.....

I started my diet..... its a shock to the system - totally re-doing my diet from the ground up.... its something new - changing years of eating habits - its an adventure of sorts..... and the reward at the end - a new, skinnier, healthier me.....

I also decided to do something that when i started this blog that i didn't think i would do.... I am going to share it with the facebookians...... let them giggle at my random exploits, give me a kick in the ass when i need it, and cheer me on when i don't...

Its been a wild week...... started the diet and over the course of 3 days i won 600 bucks..... hooray for dumb luck! Still at the golden nugget, getting settled into football season - the crowds are not as punishing, the rushes are not as bad as they were, both because people have settled into football season as well, and i have been attuned to the rushes - so they don't seem to bad anymore.....

But anyway, its friday, its 10am and I got about 2 hours to get my shit together, do some dishes, wash my ass, sweep the house, eat an apple and be on my way - for it is bikefest weekend and fremont is going to be absolute chaos.

And here goes my football picks for the weekend - we can see how i do lol

7pt teaser - 6 teams
Alabama -2
Florida St. -1/2
Ohio St. -11
Air Force -3
USC -4
Iowa Pick

7pt teaser - 6 teams
BYU +1
Michigan -3 1/2
Northwestern +2
Maryland -1
Ohio St. -11
Air Force -3

Lets see how we do :)